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Shokino by nakaru-sanPixel practice by nakaru-sanArt Trade with Ketsura :3 by nakaru-san
9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit
Shamu, the Long Suffering by nakaru-sanNamith, the Meek :3 by nakaru-sanAasta of Love by nakaru-sanFayne, Joyous by nakaru-san
Faith, Temperance, Gentleness, Goodness, Peace

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
STAMP: Character Research by Sage-WrenOC stamp by manknux5667OC stamp by SuyyOC Torture Stamp by bokujin-geshi

OC Name Stamp by The-Thrashy-One My newest Ocs lately have been getting different origin names. If you see a Japanese named OC, know that it's probably an old one [:

My Fangirliness .7. by nakaru-san
Custom Hatchling: Nakaru-san by Xeohelios by :iconxeohelios: i absolutely love it why is it so cute ;v; ;v; ;v;

Seventh-day Adventist Stamp by TheDauphineSeventh-day Adventist Stamp by jacquelynvansant

Currently loving: Senyuu Stamp by SandraDibujante

[Stamp] Elf- Senyuu. by ftrmgrungeStamp: Alba and Ross - Senyuu. by MikuFregapaneStamp: Ross 2 - Senyuu by MikuFregapaneStamp: Ross - Senyuu by MikuFregapaneStamp: Alba and Ross 02 - Senyuu by MikuFregapane
I own UK NA and Void

Main NA:
Sheath Knight Infinity Sword Stamp by DeathByDarkness level 60 Junsuin
Psychic Tracer Lunatic Psyker Stamp by SimlishBacon level 56 Addmirer
ShootingGuardian-DeadlyChaser by DeathByDarkness level 59 TinySolomon

Main Void:
Arc Tracer Mastermind Stamp by SimlishBacon Chromeplix Level 70
Psychic Tracer Lunatic Psyker Stamp by SimlishBacon Rhopalocera Level 70
Time Tracer Diabolic Esper Stamp by SimlishBacon Oleaceae Level 70
Combat Ranger-Wind Sneaker by DeathByDarkness Riyria Level 56

I. suck at pvp.


Phantom by DennyVuQuach Level 67

My top favorite animes are Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Pandora Hearts, Naruto Shippuden, Durarara!, Hetalia:World Series, SonicX, Gurren Lagann, Tsubasa Chronicles, Code Geass, Karneval, 07 Ghost, and many others!
Ive got my hands full and i plan to close commissions after I'm done with those i have accepted to draw at the moment
From now on, no more requests for commissions ^^;  i want to have a break and time to draw my own stuff. Including fanart...
I hope you guys understand, thank you!

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gayworu Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
could i maybe commission you again? ;o; 
nakaru-san Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i guess it depends on what it is =w=;
gayworu Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ah i was wondering, could i get a character added to that group commission? i don't mind if it takes longer to do, and i'll more than happily pay you more for it

if it can't be added, i don't mind XD
nakaru-san Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
just finished and goes on deviantart to submit.
sees ur comment

ill try but s/he might look left out :l
gayworu Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OH NO IT'S FINE ; 7 ;"""""

asvsafbvhsa don't worry about it !
hnngggg i'm very very sorry if i offended you or anything ; A ;''''
nakaru-san Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its not offense, dont worry, im just a little surprised thats all xD dont be afraid ;^;;;; if u truley want the person to be in it go ahead im just saying s/he will look left out >^<
now i feel bad aslkjgh, gomen gomen
ToshioHD Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice drawing skill! :D
nakaru-san Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you!!!
Soaring-Eyolf Featured By Owner Edited Jan 17, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Please can you do Eyolf, looking like Korra?
Eyolf of The Fighter by TheThreeMosquitos
nakaru-san Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry kinda on hiatus.. not only still have to do 2 commissions but also grounded from my stuff... again, sorry ;-;
Soaring-Eyolf Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
gayworu Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
are your commissions still closed? :0
nakaru-san Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey uhm remember me? Orz I want to say I'm sorry for taking so long on that group pic u commissioned me a couple weeks ago. Just so many things happening at the moment and I just never have the time to properly work on it ;-; I just wanted to know if u still wanted it, but if u are tired of waiting u can cancel it or something idk
gayworu Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh no no you don't have to apologize ; v ; i understand things get busy and all, don't fret about it :'D 
i can wait for you to finish it, there's no rush at all ; w ;
nakaru-san Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its wonderful to have such patient customers, thank you ;^; ! ! ! !
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